Emily's Art Party!

To our dear Emily, happy birthday :) 
Chris, Aimee and Harrison 

Karaka Bay

We have temporarily moved in with mum and dad and enjoying the beautiful Karaka Bay :)


Allow me to bring some adorableness to you! 

It was our turn to host the playgroup and everyone enjoyed a day of fun and the occasional treats. What a delight to witness sweet tender moments and the purest of emotions from them (yes, that includes short outbursts of cries, from the little ones of course :)). 

Thank you everyone, it was a pleasure having you! Looking forward to the next one already :)

Carnival mask



Anna and Jay :)

Easter with the Baggins!

Happy Easter everyone! And Happy Birthday to my brother Arjo :) We had so much fun visiting Hobbiton yesterday :) What surprised us the most was how Alec and Harrison perfectly played the part of Hobbits! What a delight seeing them in the movie set. See for yourself :)

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